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Vanessa and Jonah


My fiancé and I didn't think we needed a wedding planner and could plan our own wedding to save a couple bucks. Little did we know how wrong we were.  We realized we were in over our heads and started to feel the every day stress involved.  A good friend recommended we speak with Dalice and within minutes we were sold.  We gladly handed the reigns over to her as we were 100% convinced of her professionalism, expertise, and positive energy. Dalice met us at the wedding site, listened to our ideas and had many creative suggestions to make "our" wedding perfect for "us."  She worked tirelessly from the day we hired her until the wedding was over to ensure our wedding was everything we imagined and more.  She made great suggestions regarding the vendors, the venue layout, food, decorations, and was always there for answering all questions and addressing all issues.  Out of all of the wedding expenses we incurred, hiring Dalice was the best money we spent.  

Jonah and Vanessa Mechanic