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The Abrams


Dalice Huffman was brilliant. The event exceeded our wildest expectations, and they were high. Every detail was thought out, planned for and perfectly executed.

 The ceremony itself was perfect, the set-up, the time of day, the flowers were perfect (chosen my Dalice). Every little detail, like the make-up and hair room for the wedding party, food for the wedding party, the bride would have forgotten to eat. The transport for the bride and father.  Meticulously planned for and executed. The cocktail party was perfect. The dinner and the set up with what we are referring to as the “Gossamer Tent” on top was beyond breath-taking. The altar set up with the flowers for sunset. The table settings, linen and flowers….again flowers were perfect. The food choices, service and friendliness of the staff was outstanding. The dance set up with the bar outside was imaginative.  Hard for me to believe 142 people could dance in the room but it happened…even the grand-parents danced. The event from start to finish was fantastic.

I will tell you that Dalice is a gold mine.  In Boston wedding planners get 4x what we were charged for Dalice’s services. She spent hours and hours and hours on our behalf. When my daughter was off on her honeymoon…my family was still buzzing about the experience.  

 We so appreciate the experience, and we can’t tell you what a positive experience we had with Dalice. We actually were going to pick a different venue, until we talked with Dalice….she made us change our mind and book L'Auberge Del Mar

 My wife, daughter and son-in-law and myself are very glad we did.

 Thanks a lot,  Kenneth & Susan Abrams (Parents of the Bride)