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Drew and Jessica


I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about Dalice - she was our wedding angel. My husband and I are from the East Coast, but chose to have our wedding in the San Diego area because we have family close by. For all intents and purposes, this was our "destination wedding." Planning a wedding from across the country may seem daunting to most people, but the process was never too much to handle, because we always knew we had Dalice. She was incredible from the day we booked the venue and proved to be our lifeline throughout the entire process, especially on our wedding day. She was so organized and incredibly on top of everything and truly understood the way we envisioned our wedding. Her years of experience in the field and in the San Diego area made her an incredible asset to us - she suggested amazing vendors, made wise suggestions and accompanied us to any appointment in which we felt we needed her input. Her attention to detail is like no other and she was always available to talk when I had questions or concerns about any part of the process. She always took care of us and was willing to do whatever we needed to make our day truly special. The result was flawless - our wedding day was even more than the magical day that we had envisioned and by the time the band played the last song, I was in denial that our amazing day was over. She was the difference maker in our wedding and there is absolutely no way we could have done any of this without her. I cannot imagine a more beautiful wedding and I cannot imagine not having her with us during this process. To say she was my favorite person during the year we planned our wedding is an understatement - she is truly wonderful!

Jessica and Drew