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Rich and Courtney


I absolutely LOVED working with Dalice. Being pretty type A, I was really looking for someone who could completely take the reigns and manage the wedding / vendor process.  I needed someone who I could completely trust with the care and detail of the wedding planning so I wouldn't have to get all stressed and worry about all the details. And, Dalice did just that!! Somehow, some way, she was able to set my mind at complete ease during this whole process.  At our introductory meeting, we shared our wedding vision and she instantly got it.  At each vendor meeting, she perfectly relayed the vision so I didn't have to remember anything / repeat myself over and over. She shared unique ideas and suggestions throughout the meetings where she saw fit, but was sure to not pressure me one way or the other. Not only is Dalice an incredibly talented, professional and organized planner, but she's also a kind and sincere person who genuinely cares about you and the experience that the couple, their friends and their families will have on the special day.  Thank you, Dalice for everything- we appreciate you more than you know!

Courtney and Rich