Dalice, Felissa and Brian.jpg

Brian and Felissa

Dear Dalice,

Where can we begin to express our gratitude for everything that you did for us on our fun exciting day and the days leading up to it?  I love the fact that Brian can say you were by far the best money spent and if we could do it again we would’ve had you for the entire planning process and not just for “The Day of”.  The services and friendship that you provided are priceless!!   I can’t agree more with Brian that if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have been as relaxed and wouldn’t have enjoyed everything as much as we did.  Not only did you impress us, but our family and friends were blown away by your attention to detail and your effort to get to know everyone that was involved.  That day, everyone felt comfortable enough to go to you for any questions knowing how much confidence we had in you,…. which again is another reason why we couldn’t thank you enough.  Just the morning itself couldn’t have been more enjoyable, you were very calm, organized, and prompt…. and if that wasn’t enough, you were amazingly everywhere, you had everything under control since the night before. You were truly a blessing when it came down to the decision making, and when things became intense you were the first to take control.  You were chosen to help with the wedding of our dreams, but it was in fact more than we could have ever envisioned and it was all because of you.  Thanks for what you did for us and for our new friendship. It was the best way to start out the first day of the rest of our lives.  We know we will be seeing you very soon with all of our friend’s engagements and their eagerness to hire you.

With Love, Brian and Felissa Bosson