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Agata and Brad



I wanted to take a moment to thank you for doing such an amazing job on our wedding. It was everything Agata and I could have wanted and we are so lucky to have crossed paths with you.

You are an amazing wedding planner. Not only did you coordinated every facet of the event, you also had awesome recommendations for the pastry chef, flowers, musician, etc.

The food, the selection of vendors that you recommended, too managing the timeline, EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!! The staff did a great job pulling such a complex event off, but in my opinion, you get the most credit. You did an amazing job! People who attended the wedding were in awe of the visual experience. You also showed incredible patience with some "challenging" guests and made sure that everyone was happy, but most importantly myself and my bride. Dalice you are awesome!!!!

If you anyone is looking for a wedding planner to give the bride and groom and their guests a world class event, YOU are the person!!!! 

Dalice, I feel blessed to have met you and we were so lucky to have you plan and architect our wedding.

Thank you,

Brad & Agata