Amanda and Micah

 I knew I wanted to get married one day, but never did I have my dream wedding planned. It wasn't something I fantasized about as a little girl, but nonetheless, I knew it was something I wanted one day. Well, the most amazing man came along, and that "one day"- the big day, was approaching quicker than we expected. With our crazy schedules, we knew that we would need some extra help, and that's where Dalice entered our lives, highly recommended, of course. 

Both my husband and I dread making decisions, but LOVE having fun. After our very first phone call with Dalice, as picky as I am, I knew we were in such good hands... and we absolutely were. She never made us feel like clients, but instead, made us feel like family. She never made us feel like our requests were impossible, but instead, did whatever she needed to do, to make them happen. 

We wanted our wedding to be classy, elegant, stunning and most importantly, fun. With the size and location of our wedding, Dalice took on a lot, and not once did she seem overwhelmed or unprepared. In fact, she was the one who kept me on track the entire time. You see, Micah and I (with the combination of his profession and our friends/family) knew that this was going to be a big, detailed wedding and with no hesitation Dalice was up for it. I mean, this wasn't just a "wedding-day" kind of ordeal. It was a full-blown week of festivities for our guests, and Dalice did anything and everything possible to make sure our expectations were surpassed. And they were.

So no, I never dreamed of my wedding growing up, but thanks to Dalice, I now am able to look back on a fairy-tale wedding- our fairy-tale wedding. A wedding that would have never happened without her. A wedding she brought to life. 

Around a year ago, I reached out to Dalice and shortly after, she became our wedding planner. A little over a year later, she is far more than our wedding planner... but instead, has become a dear friend. A friend we are so, so thankful for.  
So, it goes without being said that we highly recommend Premiere Weddings and Events to every bride and groom to-be out there!

Dalice, we love, love, love you!!!

Amanda and Micah Hyde